John Cena Steroids Rumors – Is It True? June 2020 Update

John Cena Steroids

Not anyone can attain the WWE superstar fame but it requires a significant amount of time in developing perfect body and strength using physical exercise.

We are talking about the WWE superstar John Cena who is one of the most iconic and disciplinary superstars of WWE, of course, that’s what it takes.

In the journey of WWE, many bodybuilders and world-class wrestlers were deemed guilty for using anabolic steroids. This is not the easy path and everyone wants to add some bulk to their body and steroids are the main juice for that.

John Cena is one of the most famous, liked, and iconic celebrities of WWE as he will be joining us in the brand new part of “Hobbs and Shaw” upcoming this year.

You can say John has got some changes which we are going to discuss below.

First thing First! Is John Cena on Steroids?

Whenever we see him, a question always arises whether he has got those bulk naturally or by using steroids?

Doesn’t matter if he has been using steroids, the thing is he has been an idol for many people in the fitness world who naturally got their results, looking up for him. But again, you may ask whether this type of body can be built naturally? 

John Cena steroids have become a controversial subject in the fitness world as many fans began to ask if he uses steroids.

Changes in his bone tone and face may seem like he has been juicing for sometimes.

John Cena Before and After Comparison

Before, at the start of his career, John Cena was a simply muscular guy, now that he has got some immense muscle mass though.

You could see his pectoral muscles (Chest Muscles) have been well-defined with much-defined ab muscles.

His strength levels have gone to the peak as he has done incredible stances of strength like Bodyslam on the Big Show is the great one!

Every WWE superstar has to go through the Wellness program where John Cena has not fallen foul.

wwe john cena

John Cena Now

  • Size and Strength

Undoubtedly, John Cena’s physique is one in a million and his weight 250 pounds with perfect height makes him the idol for kids and even adults. He has multiple body muscles in people’s notice and he tends to stay in shape every time no matter what.

John Cena is focused on maintaining vascular and ripped physique which has a taste of Washboard ABS in the end. In the media and health journals, a plethora of supplement companies sponsored John Cena in the past couple of years to make his appearance in different magazine covers related to men’s health and fitness.

John Cena is 40 and still workouts like a beast, he is the threat to the most popular WWE superstars, powerlifters and nearly Hollywood celebrities as he’s getting charming every day. Speaking of John Cena steroid’s strength, he is capable of throwing men around 300 pounds of weight easily. You could have seen how he held Big Show on his shoulder who is 450 pounds 7ft beast.

  • Response Time of John Cena

At this age, such kind of body raises so many speculations amongst the public if John Cena intakes steroids. Well, the rumors are just true but not about he has been using steroids, John Cena has been subjected to use Legal Steroids for enhancing his athletic mode.

During many interviews and talks to the media people, John Cena clearly denied the use of steroids and claims his body is 100% natural, built by years of hard work without the involvement of chemicals or drugs.

According to John Cena, he has been performing extensive workouts with a proper commitment to the instruction and advice of trainers for many years. At the start of his career, John admitted he naturally got weight, but the exercise played the main part that is natural.

But superstars are bound to not share their steroids use history with the public, it might be bad for their career.

Here is how we are going to identity whether John Cena has been taking steroids or not.

  • The Strength of John Cena

In the topic of John Cena steroids or not, we can say he has been juicing around for some years. I mean look at his size, he is a monster and amazingly strong. After all, WWE superstars are an elite portion of celebrities that may have access to the illegal substance.

  • The Recovery Time of John Cena

Recovery time means how soon you get recovered from the injuries, in WWE John Cena was famous to sustain multiple injuries in the ring. In a wrestling profession, some injuries are quite serious that they need surgery of any kind which keeps the person out of the contest for some months. John Cena kept appearing on the ring although he had many injuries in the past.  His strength and body shape remained unchanged although with all those injuries he’s got.

John Cena Most Special Body Parts – His Hands and Jaws

John Cena’s hands are bigger than any wrestler we have seen and his jaw is broad as Kali Muscle. These are the mainstream signs of using steroids.

5 Signs John Cena Uses Steroids

We couldn’t help ourselves but search the entire history for John Cena Steroids.

John Cena body transformation

Turns out we have 5 basic evidence that can direct us towards the fact.

  • Flushed Skin

Flushed skin is the common effect we have seen on John Cena’s face, it happens to be pink at times. This is the common side effect of the anabolic steroids where it elevates the normal body temperature. The flushing starts at the upper part of the chest as we can see this in many pictures of the John Cena.

Probably, Clenbutrol or Trenbolone but it could be the mixture of both. This pink color is formed by the warm blood running near the surface of the skin.

  • Bloating

John Cena before had a sculpted and fat-free waist, however recent pictures have shown the mild bloating effect on John’s abdominal area while he is not sucking it in. This steroid gut or the bloating effect is the common sign of HGH or Insulin use which happens even at the minor doses. Bloating is the most common effect in guys who uses steroids.

  • Blocky Appearance

Before and after pictures of John Cena, you could see how he would have turned out from the age of 18 if he only had to follow the natural bodybuilding guidelines.

But there is an obvious difference from the years later, John Cena’s waist and midsection have got thicker than before. He is even more muscular and has a blocky appearance which is a sign of steroid users.

The tiny waist is a sign of natural bodybuilder but unfortunately, John Cena has even lost that thing too.

  • More Muscles

John Cena has been lifting weight when he was only 12, bullied by the kids of his school. The WWE star started lifting real weight when he was 18 and at that time, he would have experienced the first-ever gains. Normally, when big guys gain huge muscles naturally, they stay pretty much the same for the rest of your life.

In the case of John Cena, he has made huge gains even after lifting weights for 6 years. This extreme effect is the result of steroids if it would have been natty effects we could have let it go.

  • Skull Growth/Bigger Head

In the past couple of years, we could see the head of John Cena has doubled in size. Only one steroid can affect the size of your head and that is Human Growth Hormones as it binds with facial bone and tissues and proliferates the growth. The skull is overall enlarged as well as the size of the nose.

John Cena Steroids SUMMARY – Is John Cena on Steroids?

There is no denying about the wrestler John Cena’s s physique which he built all naturally.

All we cared about is if he used Steroid after landing on the superstar role of WWE, according to the maximum number of verdicts he has been juicing YES!

john cena

It’s no surprise if John Cena uses steroids, all he says is the regular user of Legal Steroids which according to the online pages are HGH-X2 (alternative to the HGH Somatropin) and Trenorol which is the alternatives to Trenbolone.

Steroids use have the aforementioned side effects which we saw almost on WWE superstars, So beware before you want to transform yourself into John Cena or any of your WWE idol.